Multinationals plan boost to training cash

Published on 22nd May 2010

Multinationals plan boost to training cash

Nearly half of the multinational companies plan to boost their spending on training and development of staff within the business, according to a recent study.

These firms believed that capitalising on their most experienced and senior employees could have a positive impact on morale and the running of the business.

One Aberdeen-based business which believes in staff development is Hydro Group, a global provider of optical and electrical applications in the defence and oil and gas industries. It encourages and supports all levels of staff to undertake courses to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Irene Buxton, human resources director at Hydro said : “Three directors at Hydro Group are undertaking the Institute of Directors (IoD) course in Edinburgh at the moment.

“As a director, it is important for me to be up to date and aware of issues and legislation affecting business leaders today. The responsibility and accountability with the role at director level makes it important to be aware of all factors that could have an impact on the business.”

Managing director Doug Whyte has already completed the IoD course and exam and went on to become a chartered director, one of only 700 currently in the UK. Irene and her co-directors will take their exam in May.

She added: “Learning doesn’t have to stop when you have reached a plateau in your career. Hydro Group doesn’t create specific training or apprenticeships but each individual is encouraged to achieve their own goals through learning and development regardless of their position within the company.

“Currently, the global economic situation is affecting both businesses and their employees, who face continual challenges, so there is no better time to invest in our most valuable asset, to enhance our staff’s skills and knowledge.”

“Directors and senior staff must also be prepared to participate in this personal development to benefit themselves and the company in the long term.”

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