Long service awards for Aberdeen firm

Published on 18th May 2007

Long service awards for Aberdeen firm

While a job for life is something of an unfashionable concept, the reality is that many employees still clock up long service with a single employer. Long service awards are still a popular means of recognising the commitment of staff over many years. One Aberdeen firm has just rewarded four employees for their loyalty after they each reached their 10-year milestone with the company.

Long Service Awards are still a great way to reward committed staff, however, with the introduction of the age discrimination regulations, there was a fear that it would impact on this corporate tradition. Although the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 state that any contractual benefit which increases with length of service is potentially age discriminatory, awards relating to periods of service are exempt if the award is intended to reward loyalty, encourage motivation or to recognise the experience of the employee.

Hydro Group is a global solutions provider of optical and electrical products in the subsea technology industry with a team of 70 people. It recently presented a group of employees, who collectively had been with the company for 40 years, with long service awards recognising their commitment.

“As we work in an extremely dynamic and competitive industry, the long service recognition is a symbol of appreciation for the dedication from our personnel. It has also given everyone the opportunity to reflect on the members of staff that have begun their career with Hydro Group and developed into management roles to help others progress.

“We believe long service awards are a fantastic opportunity to celebrate those staff that have helped the company grow and develop. As a company, it’s always a big occasion and it is great for other members of staff to see the opportunities which exist within the business – it is really important that employees feel that they have a future and can progress professionally and personally within a company.”

With skills shortages prevalent in the oil and gas industry, companies don’t only need to attract and recruit staff but also need to retain the people they have.


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