International appeal of Hydro Group

Published on 30th May 2008

International appeal of Hydro Group

Aberdeen and surrounding area is an incredibly successful economic region, with people being attracted to the area from home and abroad due to the wide range of career opportunities. Valentina Colón works in business development for Aberdeen-based Hydro Group.

She studied international business at Stirling University after moving from her home country of Venezuela. Valentina was first introduced to Hydro by a British Council initiative which places international professionals with Scottish companies.

She said “Hydro Group has a really diverse workforce made up of people of different ages and nationalities. In my opinion diversity is incredibly positive for a company as it not only helps with global trade but also helps staff morale and retention.

“Aberdeen has a large international community and I believe the industries that develop here move at a fast pace and are up to speed with latest technological advances – all of these factors are very attractive to people worldwide.”

Aberdeen has attractive statistics in terms of business success, with 23 of Scotland’s top 100 companies being headquartered here.

Valentina added: “I was surprised by the low, nearly non-existent unemployment rate in Aberdeen. However, when studying in Stirling I wasn’t aware of the career opportunities.”

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