Importance of a great sales team

Published on 14th February 2010

Importance of a great sales team

“Today’s economic downturn has been many years in the making and there is no fast recovery plan for exit, but there is still business out there to be won, making a great sales team more important than ever.” says Hydro Group’s new sales director Derrick Reith.

“With over 20 years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, I, like many of my counterparts and colleagues at Hydro Group are well aware that peaks and downturns are just part of the natural life cycle of commerce, but the business world has not stopped turning, it’s just slowed down a little. Companies must use this time to move forward and plan for the gradual upswing.

This economic climate is providing a window of opportunity through which competitors can overtake or fall behind one another at speeds double those of normal times. By taking a close look and planning sales and marketing strategy for coming years now, a company can get ahead of the competition.

Any company whose marketing department is not actively supporting their sales staff during a downturn may be putting their company at risk. Marketing departments need to do far more than just cooperate with sales Staff, they need to become advocates for them. Fostering an attitude across the whole company of ‘we are all in this together’ helps everyone work towards a common goal.

A sales team can also be hindered by too many negative thoughts in a downturn. The cost of low morale to the business can be missed opportunities and customers not created. It is important to convey a positive internal company message and remember the actions of your team now will reap rewards as the economy improves.

Over the past year we have seen many businesses make redundancies and those that survived the cut are working even harder, have less time and more responsibility. As a result the last thing they want is sales visits soaking up more of their time. A good sales team can quickly communicate to the customer how value is added to their business, making the customer realise it is time well spent.

As the market becomes more competitive existing customers might be targeted by aggressive discounting of goods or service. In this situation more than ever, every one involved with the company must become the sales team, helping expand and strengthen relationships at this critical time.

In this current economic climate it is more important than ever to have a great sales team. By keeping your team positive, looking at the different opportunities this environment creates and helping your team to work together with the same collective goal, you’ll weather the downturn and come out on top when the economy recovers.”

Derrick Reith is worldwide sales director for Hydro Group, specialists in the design, manufacture and support of subsea composite electrical, optical fibre and coaxial cables, tethers, connectors and penetrators.

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