About Hydro Group plc

With over 35 years of experience, Hydro Group is the market leader in bespoke subsea cable and connector assembly engineering for the oil and gas, marine renewable energy and defence industries.


Hydro Bond Engineering first answered the growing demand for underwater electrical and optical connectors, connector/cable assemblies, terminators, junction boxes and penetrators in 1982, supplying the burgeoning subsea oil and gas industry in North-east Scotland and beyond.

After six years of growth, Hydrocable Systems was established in 1988, offering custom-designed and manufactured electrical, optical and hybrid cables for use in harsh subsea environments.

The two companies became part of Hydro Group Plc in 2002, expanding into the marine renewable energy and defence industries in the new millenium.

A period of international expansion is underway, with Hydro Products Asia opening specialist facilities in Singapore in 2012. It provides bespoke subsea engineering solutions to customers throughout the region.

Our US operation, Hydro Group Systems Inc, is based in Largo, Florida and has been operational since 2016. It retails the full range of Hydro Group engineering and cable products along with specialist support for the North American market.

Today, Hydro Group uses this experience as a key supplier not just to the oil and gas industry but also for sovereign defence organisations, including the UK Ministry of Defence, and renewable marine energy projects from France to South Korea.