Marine Renewable Energy

Hydro Group Asia is at the forefront of providing bespoke and innovative subsea solutions to the renewable marine energy industry in Asia and beyond.

Hydro Group Power Distribution Hub PDH Hydro Renewable Connector HRC

From France to South Korea (pictured), Hydro Group is experienced in installing subsea connectivity solutions around the world

When the opportunity arose to provide a complete solution to an exciting renewable energy development site - from concept through to design, manufacture and project management - Hydro Group collaborated with regional partners to deliver a versatile product on time and within budget.

The SEM-REV marine renewable energy test site, 12 miles offshore from Le Croisic on the French Atlantic coast, is a development area for marine renewable energy technology prototypes.

Hydro Group were tasked by SEM-REV with providing the complete interconnection arrangement including an extension to the existing export cable, a dynamic Floatgen cable and 3/1 Power Distribution Hub (PDH), in order to facilitate the safe and rapid installation of the array cable and connector subsystem.

Hydro Group identified the need to provide a long-lasting, secure solution suited to Atlantic seawater conditions using tried-and-tested methods to ensure maximum reliability. A 36kV Hydro Renewable Connector (HRC) allowed a device cable to be connected with an export cable, permitting two subsea three-phase electrical cables to be mated without compromising the circuit.

In addition, a custom-built stainless steel PDH allowed flexible in-line connections without compromising reliability or ease of operation. Full end-to-end testing of the product was undertaken ahead of deployment, including shell continuity, insulation/contact resistance and high voltage AC testing.

The PDH’s modular design greatly reduced its footprint as well as the number of shore cables required, cutting cabling infrastructure costs. Dual water ingress protection as well as anti-corrosion properties were incorporated into the design from the earliest stage, providing reliable sealing with a 20-year operational lifespan. Cable integrity can be monitored at any time from a shore installation through the use of auxiliary loop back connectors, making the setup futureproof and reliable.

Along with the PDH, this project used the Hydro Renewable Connector (HRC), a pioneering subsea connectivity solution designed and built in-house by Hydro Group Plc.