Hydro Bond Engineering in Pelamis

Published on 22nd November 2007

Hydro Bond Engineering in Pelamis

Hydro Bond Engineering (part of Hydro Group Plc) based in Aberdeen, has completed the first of two projects for Ocean Power Delivery (OPD). OPD is an Edinburgh-based company which has developed Pelamis, a wave energy converter. Each Pelamis machine is capable of producing 750kW of power and an annual output of 2.7GWh

Hydro Bond has been working closely with OPD for the past year to design a new umbilical cable, subsea junction box and umbilical connection to Pelamis. The umbilical contains three high voltage power cores, three low voltage signal cores and 16 fibre optic cores, armoured and self-flooding to control its dynamic behaviour.

The umbilical is connected to the subsea cable via a subsea junction box which houses the electrical and fibre optic splices. The junction box is designed to accept two umbilical cables. These cables can be spliced to one seabed cable which sends power to a substation back onshore.

This first project was to attach the new umbilical to an existing junction box 2km off the coast of Orkney. This was part off the upgrade of OPD’s Pelamis based at EMEC (European Marine Energy Centre), Orkney.

The Project Engineer for Hydro Bond was Ian Ogle, who is also controlling Hydro Bond’s involvement in the second project: OPD’s first commercial wave farm, which is to be installed off the coast of Portugal and initially consists of three Pelamis machines.

After the success with OPD, Hydro Bond is currently working on two new enquiries from offshore renewable energy companies for the supply of their subsea junction boxes, umbilicals and connectors.

Photograph above courtesy of Ocean Power Delivery Ltd

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