Manned and Unmanned Penetrators

  • Unmanned Penetrators

    Manned and Unmanned Penetrators

    Hydro Group plc designs and manufactures subsea underwater high Integrity manned penetrators and unmanned penetrators. Our proven engineering expertise means that we can design Manned and Unmanned Penetrators for any underwater application. Our fully blocked penetrators are available in both singlemode and multimode with all optical or optical / electrical combinations. Our penetrators have been pressure tested up to 10,000psi.i.

    • Easy to use
    • Cost effective
    • Less connections to worry about
    • Low optical losses
    • Low failure rate
    • Fast Delivery lead times
    • Wide variety of insert configurations allows cost effective system design
    • Wide variety of metal options allows for best corrosion resistant design

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    Electrical Penetrators for Manned and Unmanned Systems.
    DNV Manufacturing Survey Arrangement
    Lloyds Type Approval 455 MSW
    Lloyds Type Approval 650 MSW
    ABS Certificate of Manufacturing Assessment
    ABS Type Approval DDC Type Penetrators 455 MSW
    ABS Type Approval Bell Type Penetrators 455 MSW