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    Saturation Chamber Complex

    A Saturation Chamber Complex is composed of: a diving chamber which has two main functions: a submersible vessel, diving bell to take divers underwater and to provide a temporary base and retrieval system in the depths; a land or ship-based hyperbaric chamber, Deck Decompression Chamber (DDC) to artificially reproduce the hyperbaric conditions under the sea (pressures above normal atmospheric pressure) for diving-related and non-diving medical applications such as hyperbaric medicine).


    Deck Decompression Chamber

    A deck decompression chamber (DDC) is a two compartment pressure vessel for human occupation which has sufficient space in the main chamber for two or more occupants, and a forechamber which can allow a person to be pressurised or decompressed while the main chamber remains under constant pressure.


    Diving Bell / Umbilicals

    A diver umbilical cable is a cable which supplies breathing gas and other services from a surface supply to a diver.

    For shallow water surface supply air diving, the diver umbilical is typically a 3-part umbilical comprising a gas hose, "pneumo" hose, and diver comms/lifeline cable. The "pneumo" hose is open at the diver's end all the way to a pressure gauge on the surface dive control panel, where the supervisor can see the diver's depth in the water at all times. A 4-part diver umbilical will also have a hot water supply hose. A 5-part diver umbilical will also include a Mini Video cable to allow the surface controller to see the video picture transmitted to the surface from the divers hat camera.

    For saturation diving from a bell, a typical diver excursion umbilical may be an 8-part umbilical with a gas supply hose, gas reclaim hose, hot water hose, pneumo hose, tracking hose, comms/lifeline cable, Mini Video cable and Hat Light cable.

    When there is risk of the umbilical cable being damaged by scratching on rock or coral, the umbilical bundle may be over-braided with a polypropylene braid cover.


    Diver Communication Cables

    Hydro Group designs and manufactures subsea diver communication cables and bell diver umbilical cables. Our cable designs can have twisted screened pairs to avoid cross talk between pairs and our cable interstices are water blocked to help exclude water should the external sheath be nicked.

    High quality polyurethane jacket material is used to assure UV stabilisation and a long life in the marine environment. Aramid fibres are then braided over the cable bedding sheath to provide strain bearing capability if required. Again high quality polyurethane outer sheaths are extruded to finish the cable which is a material that is easily bonded to when adding your marsh marine 4 pin plug at the wet end.

    Diver Video Cables
    Hydro Group has been manufacturing Subsea Diver Video Cable for over 30+ years and our CS 382 Cable has become an industry standard with stranded inner coax core to assure good flexibility, Water Blocked Cable Interstices, Twisted Screened Pairs (TSP's) for Power, Pan & Tilt and Focus so that no Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) is seen on the video image.

    In tropical waters where substantial Marine Growth is present we have added a Stainless Steel Wire Braid and an additional polyurethane Outer Sheath (CS 467) that protects the cable inner sheath thus providing the longest life possible in a very demanding environment where divers are continually pulling umbilical over growth and corals.

    Electrical Penetrators

    HPS Penetrators for Saturation (SAT) Diving Systems incorporate Shear Notch Technology in their design which is required for Diving Bell (SDC) DNV approval.

    • High integrity field proven design
    • Shock tested for military & high vibration applications
    • Full pressure blocked assure leak tight system
    • Non expanded beam inserts
    • Wide range of inserts options
    • Wide variety of material options
    • Easy connection
    • Design life 25 years