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    Hose Bundles / Hose, Cable, Strength Member Bundles: Laying-up of hoses

    Hydro Group plc has the in-house capability to lay-up hoses, electrical cables, fibre optics and other components into one ‘twisted’ composite bundle.

    Laying-up: Our purpose built lay-up process allows hoses, cables, strength members and other components to be integrated into complex bundles. These bundles may be utilised in umbilicals as a composite assembly.

    The composite assembly may be taped, bound or oversheathed to assist handling. Hose bundles with such properties are used in many applications for the offshore subsea oil & gas industry.

    Strength Members: Hydro Cable offer a range of umbilical strength members including aramid braiding, steel wire central members and aramid rope central members.

    High Specification Hoses: Hydro Cable offer an extensive selection of high specification hoses of differing types, sizes and pressure ratings, all manufactured to industry standards and supplied by world class manufacturers. Service requirements and application details are a critical part of the design process to ensure that the optimum hose solution is selected. For example, High Collapse Resistance (HCR) hoses, reinforced within an internal stainless steel carcass prevents hose collapse when used in deepwater applications or where there is a high differential pressure between the external and internal pressure of the hose.

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    Hose Bundles / Hose, Cable, Strength Member Bundles.
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